Picture taken over the Easter Weekend on the Banff Gondola.
Overlooking the town of Banff in the Canadian Rockies.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here we go

Nothing much has been happening over the last few weeks hence the lack of updates. Its all about flying, duties, studying, eating, sleeping and the occasional trip to edmonton. I wouldnt wanna bore whoever reads this blog with the same old same old.

whats all the interesting stuff thats been happening?? well i think the term 'interesting' varies depending on your interests and such, and such, and such. And such.

Here is a list of what may or may not be interesting that have happened:
1) Had awesome dim sum in edmonton followed by a great meal at red lobster the following day. (It takes 6 hrs to get there and back! So it better be interesting!)
2) Did a bit of shopping at the West Edmonton Mall last week. (If any of you have anything you want me to bring back for you from here pls let me know)
3) Caught 9 and The Informant last weekend.
4) Flew at 150ft at 420kts.
5) Started to do simulated bomb attacks at the range.
6) Listening to a few good bands. The Used, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Rise Against, DCFC.
7) Eating alot of fast food. haha
8) Cooking abit.
9) Cleaning my room

So proud of you dear for passing first time!! See, you must have faith in yourself and dont give up all the way up till the end! haha.. now i can finally sleep and someone else drive.. :D

Cheers and God Bless!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Its been a year in canada.. Cant wait to finish.. See you soon.
Cheers and God Bless!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Income tax

Statement is in.. Payment has to be made.. gonna cherish this one cos from next year on, its gonna look quite different.. just thank God im not taxed 60%..

life in cold lake is coming along.. its summer so weather is nice and warm.. not too humid which is awesome.. feels actually abit like sg.. just more comfortable.. i really miss home.. really miss the food.. really miss my friends, family, mel, church..

but i really have to thank God for the opportunity.. its been an awesome experience.. probably thats why ppl emphasis how studying overseas has more pros than cons.. i think it probably all boils down to independence.. in that problems u face will have to be fixed by u and only u..

one thing i know definitely is that ive put on some weight.. thats ang mo for u man.. had breakfast at humptys and the food was so oily and salty! argh..
so we ended up cooking curry chicken just now for dinner.. awesome man.. miss changi villages' curry fishhead.. cheap and nice..

its raining now.. its not just rain.. its raining hail.. my poor car.. sigh..

cheers to all!
God Bless!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


why didnt they call it the pig flu but the swine flu?

grad in 3 weeks.. but the weather aint that good... hmm... hopefully I can finish in time with room to spare.. cant wait!!

time to go golfing again.. arms and hands aching from yesterday.. played my first 9 holes! haha.. gotta get my irons under control!
6 deg outside and we're still going. thats what i call passion..

cheers and God Bless!

love yellowcard-keeper

Saturday, April 18, 2009

beans spilled..

More pictures from the easter trip..

have no idea who they are.. but great fun.. haha

Town of Banff early in the morn aft it snowed overnight.. Nice!

Typical tourists.. haha

On the way to Banff..

Calgary tower with a glass floor.. I wasnt scared la.. :P

everyone is different.. no one disputes that.. so are we more similar or different from one another, discounting the physical side of things?

we all obviously share different values and mindsets to varying degrees.. but why is that so? arent we all brought up in the same education system, watch roughly the same tv shows and movies, listen to the same songs, subscribe to the same Singaporean mentaliy?

i have no answer to that.. all i know is that i strongly believe that how a child is brought up through the years greatly determines how he behaves and lives as an adult..

yes as we grow older, external influences will start to play an exponentially larger role in shaping our thinking and morals but at the end of the day, the cornerstone laid by our parents in our hearts and minds of whats right and wrong will indeed be that guiding compass as to which we'll rely on throughout our lives.. hopefully, life's experiences and lessons will add on positively, not negatively, to that guiding light as we transverse the ups and downs of adulthood and working life..

working life has not been, and will not be easy for me or anyone else.. there will be difficult decisions that will have to be made and hardships along the way..

something i feel i particularly lack and wish to improve on is in the realm of people management.. to my utter dismay, i am completely incapable of reading people's minds.. nor am i able to 'push' thoughts into their minds like in heroes.. haha..

thats life.. :D

God please give me wisdom..
Cheers and God Bless
p.s. cant get enough of Grapevine fires by DCFC..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It was a 4 day break for us over here in canada this past weekend.. a good break finally since jan.. had a send off for an instructor on fri and then headed off on what would turn out to be a great road trip.. was 6 hrs of travelling time to Calgary worth it? yes.. its just hard to describe the feeling that i had.. think what made me happy was the food and the big city atmosphere.. something that ive kinda missed for quite awhile since the US trip..

here are some sights from the trip.. remember, a trip to canada isnt complete without visiting the rockies..

so we spent a night in Calgary, Alberta.. we visited chinatown, had jap food, drove and toured around and then headed to one of the pubs to check it out.. had hoped for better but its all still good. sunday was packed.. Calgary tower in the morning followed by DIM SUM!! YUM! next it was some shopping at one of the newest shopping centres and then off to Banff!

a great drive.. Banff is awesome.. on par with places like Queenstown and Tahoe.. much to do, too little time as always.. went up the gondola and then drove to Lake Louise.. korean food that night was good good good.. visited one of the night clubs aft that which was interesting.. haha

Trusty Car brought us there and back.. a total of 1500km..

The view from the top of sulphur mountain overlooking Banff..

monday was all about the drive back to moose jaw.. 7 hrs in a car is no joke..
this trip kinda reminded me of my trip to the US with mel.. sigh.. cant wait to see u mel! :D
Cheers and God Bless!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


looking ahead not forgetting the times passed..

the view of Saskatchewan at FL350. u can actually start to see the curvature of the earth.. haha..

thank God.
God Bless